Amul Malai Paneer - Cubes

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About the Product

Amul Malai Paneer is a pack of cottage cheese cubes which are known to be quite popular among vegetarians. Any vegetarian North Indian dish like malai paneer, paneer butter masala or paneer makhani will be incomplete without these cottage cheese cubes. As this is already cut in cubes, it is easily cooked and can be put directly in a sauce or gravy.

Nutritional Facts

• Amul Paneer Cubes have low moisture content than any other loose paneer found in the market. This soft cheese prepared by coagulation of milk and acid is source of important vitamins, minerals, high quality animal protein and fat.

How to Use

Paneer is a staple food item for vegetarians who get their protein from this milk-based cottage cheese. It has a mild, milky flavour and a dense texture which goes extremely well with strong spices in classic Indian dishes. Apart from gravy items commonly found in North Indian vegetarian spread, chunks of paneer can also be used in soups and curries.

Other Product Info

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