Amul Whipping Cream, 1 L Carton

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About the Product

This really is the icing on the cake! Heres a product from Amul that can add layers of delicious good looks to any cake or muffin. As a part of the wonderful array of dairy products from Amul, this Whipping Cream lives up to the promise of pure and high quality deliverables that come from the house of Amul.


This lightweight cream has 30% fat and can be whipped easily into peaks for baking purposes. This fresh whipping cream contains heavy cream, water, sugar and other ingredients that have been processed to create the fluffy whipping cream in this 1 carton pack.

How to Use

Amul Whipping Cream can be used for a number of baking and dessert making purposes. You can use it to apply icing onto cakes, pastries, muffins, cookies and more. This cream can also be used for various desserts like sorbets and others as well, and also as a topping.

Other Product Info

EAN Code: 30009313